General Election 2020
ILN Manifesto Point 6:
We believe significant change in thinking, policies and practices is necessary to support our human rights, equality and a better life for all.
Election 2020 will take place on February 8th. 
This process will determine who is in government.
This elected government will have the ability and power to shape the future of Ireland, which will affect every Irish person.
In order for us to achieve an inclusive and supportive country, we need to have our voice heard. We all need to use our vote, to show others what is important to us.
The Disability Federation of Ireland or in short (DFI) is an organisation who’s mission is to ensure that changes are made that would mean equality for people with disabilities within Ireland. 
The DFI calls on Politicians to Face up to the Disability Crisis in the upcoming General Election on Saturday 8 February 2020.
The Disability Federation call on politicians to:
• See the reality of disability
DFI state: People with disabilities are invisible in today’s Ireland. We have the highest percentage of people with a disability at risk of poverty in Western Europe, 38%.1 All parts of government must respond to these shocking facts.
• Hear the reality of disability
Poverty rates for people with disabilities have doubled since 2011.
22% of people with disability are in work, compared to 61% overall.
Disability services are crumbling, with mounting deficits of €40 million+.
There are 643,131 people with disability in Ireland, 13.5% of the population.
By 2026, the number of people with disability will have increased by around 20%.
85% of people with disabilities between 18 and 65 acquire their disability.
• Speak and Act
1. End Disability Poverty
2. End isolation for people with disabilities
3. Show Leadership
More about DFIs call can be accessed here.

Political Parties:

There are many different political parties within Ireland.
The political parties have lots to say about how they plan to support Irish people if they are elected on Saturday. 
Each party has developed a manifesto stating how they will run the country.
To give people an idea of what various parties are saying on disability issues,
Inclusion Ireland have compared all of the party manifestos. This can be accessed here.

Have your say:

Inclusion Ireland have prepared a Canvas Card with a helpful list of questions individuals might like to ask any candidates for the election. The questions cover topics that important to all of us including:
– education, housing, rights, poverty, mental health, therapies and employment.
The Canvas Card can be accessed here.

In the news: Current Minister for Disability Issues not seeking re-election.

Finian McGrath, the Dublin Bay North TD and Minister of State for Disability Issues, will not seek re-election.
Mr McGrath has been the Minister of State for Disability Issues since the last general election in 2016.
More on this story can be found here.