Rights and Decision Making Articles

Member of the Inclusive Living Network believe significant change in thinking, policies and practices is necessary to support our human rights, quality and a better life for all.

We have gathered some resources that we have found helpful on Rights and Decision Making. Over time will we be adding articles, videos, podcasts and links to other websites on this topic.

Health Protection and Surveillance Centre- COVID-19 Info
Community supports for those at home in the Covid-19 crisis
Resources during Covid-19
Symptoms of Coronavirus
COVID-19 in the News
Launch of a Family Carer (online) Support Group
COVID-19 Supports for You
COVID-19 Information for Families and Communities
Community – A Disability Perspective
Accessibility in the General Election 2020
General Election 2020
Personal Stories
Special Cabinet meeting dedicated to Disability Issues
Contribute to the National Disability Inclusion Strategy Mid-Way Review
UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Launch of 19 Stories of Social Inclusion
Adult disability services are in crisis – Micheál Martin
Circle of Friends