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Who We Are

The Inclusive Living Network (‘the Network’) is a unique Network of individuals, families and agencies who are passionate and committed to promoting, enabling and demonstrating self-determined and inclusive lives for people who are labelled as having a disability.

The diversity of backgrounds in this group; all working collaboratively in a shared space, is what makes this group unique and what will ultimately drive change that touches lives. The diversity of our group will influence demand and change hearts and minds for those who need supports and those whose work it is to deliver meaningful supports to individuals.

We have a strong understanding of our shared vision.The Network is founded on an appreciation of and commitment to the values of inclusion, autonomy, human rights, honesty, courage, respect, trust, dignity, integrity and action.  The overall intention of our Network is to work together, to make the manifesto a real and lived experience for people living in Ireland.

Anyone who subscribes to the Inclusive Living Network manifesto is part of a growing movement of people in Ireland who are committed to the 6 beliefs it describes.

A working group of founding voices for the network have been coming together to progress this initiative since 2017. The names of the founding voices are listed below.

 By submitting contact details subscribers can be kept up to date about ILN campaigns, resources and events that are hosted or are allied to the manifesto. The working group meets approximately 8 times a year for about half a day each time. In between times 4 teams work to progress different aspects of ILN business. These teams work on;

  • Manifesto
  • ILN Resources, Funding and Development
  • Website and Social Media
  • Editorial - Resource Development

Each year in February the working group of founding voices invite subscribers to join them to work on the priority tasks and projects planned for the year ahead.

About this website and our resources:
Many members of Inclusive Living Network have had the opportunity to be mentored and supported by family members and individuals in Ireland and overseas. Through these networks, we have learned a lot by sharing our similar experiences, challenges and successes in supporting people with a disability to have access to the good things in life.

We have found the information on The Good Life website that was developed by the Community Resource Unit in Brisbane, Australia to be most helpful, inspiring, relatable and doable! If you are looking for some ideas and stories about what a good life looks like, take a look at this website:

This website also has some great practical resources, factsheets and stories about inclusive education: 
Founding Voices
Paul Alford,  Brendan Broderick,  Christina Burke,  Helen Butler,  Rachel Cassen,  Owen Collumb,  Deirdre Flinn,  Mary Jo Healy,  Mary Kealy,  David Kieran,  Sean McGrath,  Eoin Mooney,  Anne Nally,  Mary O’Donovan,  Molly O’Keefe,  Bernard O’Regan,  Aoife O’Toole,  Xanthe Pratt,  Maria Walls,  Willie Walsh,  Avril Webster

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