Press Release: HSE publish their Corporate Plan 2021-2024

HSE Press Release: 2 March 2021

This Plan sets out key actions to improve our health service and public health and well-being

The HSE has launched its three-year Corporate Plan. The Plan has been developed by the Board of the HSE, endorsed by the Minister of Health and is based on extensive research and consultation with staff, stakeholders and the public.

The HSE explain that patients, staff and service users are at the centre of the work and that the Plan builds on this ethos.

Ciarán Devane, Chair of the HSE Board said ‘I am delighted on behalf of the board to present the HSE Corporate Plan 2021-2024. While this plan is coming at a unique time, where we have faced unprecedented challenges, we know we have the right ingredients for success- we have a dedicated staff, supportive and caring communities and strong partnerships with our stakeholders.’

The Corporate Plan priorities and goals have been developed to enhance the progress of the Sláintecare vision (a 10 year vision to transform Ireland’s health and social care services).

Paul Reid, CEO, HSE said “Our Corporate Plan comes at a time of significant challenge for all those working in healthcare. Despite these challenges we are determined to turn this plan in to real action, to make improvements and to build and to enhance the progress of the Sláintecare vision.”

The HSE Corporate Plan 2021-2024 sets out the key actions the Executive plan to take over the next three years to improve
the health service and the health and well-being of people living in Ireland.

The Corporate Plan Focuses on 6 key objectives.

Objective 5  in the plan addresses the HSE’s intention to work on reimagining disability services, to be the most responsive, person-centred model achievable with greater flexibility and choice for the service user.

Read the plan here: HSE Corporate Plan 2021-24